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Larry Vincent's Classes Get You Lean, Strong, Fast, and Focused with "Old School" Training Methods Straight Out of Kung Fu/Tai Chi History!

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Training Videos

These videos are not meant to teach the techniques and forms. Their purpose is to remind you of your rank requirements and to give you an insight into future requirements. Although most videos are performed at a slow pace, do not attempt to learn the techniques and forms from them. Most of the detail cannot be learned in this manner and bad habits can be formed making later learning even more difficult.

Kung Fu (meaning Time and Energy) is all about the journey... not about the destination. Learning at the pace defined by your ranking... slow and steady learning with high repetitions... will let you really learn everything.

Many thanks to Ralph, Elena, Jim, Jeff, Sean, Joe, Tristan, Mike, Tracy, Denise, and Nicholas for their participation in making these videos!

Kung Fu Training Videos

Tai Chi Chuan Training Videos

Weapons Training Videos

  • Short Staff

  • Long Staff

    • 14 Strikes and 14 Blocks
    • 8 Disarms
    • 14 One Step Drills
    • Two Person Training Set
    • Form

  • Broad Sword

  • Straight Sword

  • Iron Fan

    • Form

  • Spear

    • Kung Fu Form

San Shou Training Videos

San Da (Self Defense) Training Videos

Chin Na Fa (Grappling) Training Videos